How To Become CPR and First Aid Certified

How To Become CPR and First Aid Certified

The world would be a lot safer if everyone had proper emergency first aid training. There are numerous situations where people may need immediate help but do not have anyone nearby who knows how to provide it. So, take the first step toward emergency preparedness today. Here is how to become CPR and first aid certified.

Research Which Class Is Right for You

Most people who become CPR and first aid certified come to the classroom without any prior training. However, this is not always the case. Many medical and educational professionals must update their certification as a prerequisite for their job. When you are looking for certification or recertification, it is important to research the correct level of training for your station.

Sign Up for Local Courses

There are plenty of CPR training options located across the U.S., so it is usually pretty easy to find a local provider. This way, you do not have to travel as far, and you can easily contact your trainer with any follow-up questions. Local courses will also be able to recommend you to nearby hospitals and update you on emergency procedures for your area. For example, our team at Frontline Health offers CPR and AED classes in the metropolitan New York area.

Refresh and Recertify

Whether you work in an emergency field or not, refreshing your memory is a great way to hold on to these invaluable skills. It is no secret that our memories fade when we are not actively using a skill, especially when specific numbers and actions are involved. Though emergencies can happen at any time, they do not happen often enough for us to use these skills regularly. Many certifications expire within two years, so make sure to go back and recertify yourself. This will keep your mind sharp and hands ready to assist no matter what happens or when an emergency occurs.

Knowing how to become CPR and first aid certified allows you to quickly find a relevant and useful course. Administering CPR, operating an AED, and giving first aid are all serious situations, so make sure you’re fully prepared with the right class for you. Reach out to us at Frontline Health if you have any questions about CPR and first aid classes.